P3 art and environment


Exhibition on Air
Ingo Gunther

5 June - 2 August 1992

19 June
Tetsuo Kogawa Radio Performance
Participation by audience members with FM radios

Location: Tochoji Temple Auditorium P3

Members of the audience holding small LCD TVs walked around the exhibition space searching for invisible radiowave images. The main gallery had no objects on display, but was saturated with electromagnetic images that had been created by artists. Walking around the gallery carrying small TVs with antennas, the audience became a moving art object. It was the experience of an invisible landscape.

Exhibition in the Sub Gallery:
Experimental preview of Mikami's work that was later exhibited at Art Space in Sydney, Australia as part of the Australia Japan Exhibition Exchange Program

Organized by: P3 art and environment
Sponsored by: Lufthansa, Epson

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