P3 art and environment


Sound Installation Series #5
David Sylvian + Robert Fripp
Supporting Artists: Haruki Kaito, Adam Lowe

30 August - 2 October 1994

Location: Tochiji Temple Auditorium P3

Redemption was a sound installation by David Sylvian and Robert Fripp. This work was considered to be the second stage of a collaboration project they began 1992.

The concept behind the installation was to create a space that allows you to devote yourself to sincerity and the service of it. Sylvian's musical piece 'Into the Silence' quietly filled the space and a carpet of small Tibetan oil lamps flickered gently on the floor. Images of a fetus and the moon were displayed on video monitors. A tranquil time-space for prayer was completed with a serene object from Adam Lowe.

In the sub gallery, a sound installation by Sylvian using a recitation of Redemption by Robert Fripp as a base material was exhibited.

Organized by P3 art and environment
Supported by: British Council

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