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Sarajevo Survival Museum

1 August - 25 August 1996

Location: Tokyo Big Site West 3 Hall

The Sarajevo Survival Museum was a part of the exhibition 'Atopic Site'. Hiroshi Kashiwagi, Kenjiro Okazaki, Akira Tatehata, Naoyuki Takashima, and Yukiko Shikata selected artists and commissioned them to create works for the exhibition. They created pieces with the intention of exploring possibilities for environmental revitalization of public spaces and regional societies.

Other artists such as Mulyono, Suzanne Lacey, She Lea Cheang, Vadim Zakharov also participated in the Atopic Site.

FAMA presented various slogans that were created based on the life wisdom of besieged Sarajevo, as well as recreating day-to-day life scenes of the city where survival techniques required recycling whatever was at hand. During the exhibition, the actress アミナ・ベゴビッチ of the Bosnia National Theatre offered guided tours of the museum for the audience.

Produced by: P3 art and environment

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