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About The Field of Nusa

In the bigger stream of time, in the future so far away you can't touch, yet you have to face.

by Shigeaki Iwai

"The Field of Nusa" is an art project by Iwai Shigeaki. It will be created step by step at the Tokachi Millennium Forest from the summer of 2008

Tens of thousands of white earthenware pieces placed at "The Field of Nusa" are so small you can hold in your hand. They are made of clay. People of all ages make these pieces by participating workshops held all over Japan.

These pieces are something each creator come up with at the very moment. They could be ideas the creators have found in their everyday lives. They could be something from they revealed from their memories. Every piece is different. These pieces make up "The Field of Nusa."

The art work is a gift to both koropokkur, mythological people believed to have lived in Hokkaido, and people of the far away future.

We have announced the settlement of art work to take place from the summer of 2007. However, production team have decided to set them starting from the summer of 2008. We apologize to the people who have participated in creating the pieces and ask them to be patient. We will update news about placement on our homepage and by e-mails.

Production and operation of The Field of Nusa: P3 art and environment

Press release of "The Field of Nusa" 2007.08.29
Outline of "The Field of Nusa" workshop (in Japanese) PDF3.5MB